Official Transcript Request

Students may request their Official Transcripts through the NEST Portal.

Logging In

  • Current students - Login using your University NetID and password.
  • Former students - Login using your CWID and PIN.

The NEST Login Screen 

Students who are not able to access the NEST portal may request their transcript 24 hours a day (for a $2.25 NSC processing fee) through the National Student Clearinghouse.

On the NEST homepage, please navigate to the “Official Transcripts” portlet and select the “Request Official Transcript” link.

The homepage of NEST with the Official Transcript link circled.

This will open a new window to the Transcript Request page. You will notice on the form that there are several options for where you can send your transcript:

  • External College or University
  • One of Your Addresses
  • Another individual/agency you can designate in the “Issue to” field.

You may need to update your current address if your records do not indicate your current residence. You may do this by selecting the “Personal Information” link at the top of the page:

The Self-Service Banner Menu with a circle around the Personal Information link.

Once on this page you can select the “Update Address and Phone Numbers” link. At the bottom of this page, select a Type of Address to Insert (Mailing for transcript delivery.) Please insert a date into a “Valid From This Date” field and fill in the rest of the information on this form (You may leave Until This Date blank.)

The form to input a new address in Self-Service Banner

Once this is complete you can return to the Transcript Request Form by Selecting “Student,” “Student Records” and “Request Official Transcript.”

The Student Record Menu in Self-Service Banner with a circle around Request Official Transcript.

Requesting a Transcript

On the Transcript Request form, select the Address, College or University you would like the Transcript sent and select Continue (Note: please only select one option from this list.) Select a “Transcript Type,” verify that the information on the next page is accurate and select Continue again.

On this page, please select the number of copies you would like of the Transcript as well as the delivery method. Make sure the radio button is selected “Yes” for “Official Transcript.”

The form to request your Official Transcript.

There is no charge for standard mailing (typically takes 7-10 business days of receipt.) If you would like to expedite the delivery, you can select Express Mail ($30.00 charge) or International Mail ($90.00 charge.) If you select either of these options, you will be taken to the payment gateway where you can make a payment via credit card:

The credit card payment page on TouchNET.

Enter your credit card number and select “Continue.” You will then need to enter the “Name on the card” and the “Card expiration date” along with an email address to where a payment receipt will be mailed.

Once you complete the process, you will be taken to a confirmation page. Your transcript is now in the works! If you would like to view the progress of your request, select “Student,” “Student Records” and “View Status of Transcript Requests.” Here you will see an updated request status.


If you are having trouble requesting your transcript or have any questions or concerns, please contact the Office of the Registrar at or 973-655-4376.