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NJ DOE Certification Procedures/Timelines

The Office of the Registrar recommends qualifying students, who have applied for graduation through NEST, to the New Jersey Department of Education (NJ DOE) for educational/administrative credentials. It is important to note, the NJ DOE grants the credentials, not Montclair State University.

August 2021 Certification Candidates

Due to the COVID-19 Emergency, the certification process has changed.

  1. Students will apply, online, directly to the NJ DOE and pay the NJ DOE directly. It is not necessary to request transcripts or mail any documentation the NJ DOE.
  2. Students who do not already hold a NJ DOE certification must log onto the NJ DOE website and register in the NJ DOE system. If a student already holds a prior certification, it is not necessary to register a second time.
  3. Students will receive additional instructions from Denise Rodak (Office of the Registrar) or Caroline Murray (Center of Pedagogy) on their next steps. Please continue to check your Montclair State email account even after courses conclude.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between filing for graduation and an application for certification?
Graduation and certification are two separate processes. You must apply for final graduation audit in order to graduate from Montclair State University. If you are seeking teacher certification, you must apply for this as well. You are not eligible to be certified until after the degree has been posted to your transcript. It is your responsibility to meet the University’s deadline to apply for graduation and teacher certification. Late applicants for either of these may risk having your certification delayed. For more information about graduation, please visit the Apply for Graduation webpage.
Are faxed/email applications accepted?
No. We do not accept faxed/emailed applications.
I correctly filed my application and completed all degree requirements. When will I get my certification?
As of May 15, 2015, paper certificates will no longer be issued by the NJ DOE. All certificate/endorsement information is now available online (including certificate ID number, date of issuance and expiration date, if applicable) at the NJDOE Application Status Search. Certificate/endorsement information will not be available until after your certificate is officially issued by the NJ DOE. Please see the time table for each graduation cycle below:
  • August 2021
    Degree conferred on August 31, 2021
    Certifications sent to the NJ DOE by October 1, 2021
    NJ DOE processing time is five to ten business days
  • January 2022
    Degrees conferred on January 31, 2022
    Certifications sent to the NJ DOE by March 5, 2022
    NJ DOE processing time is five to ten business days
  • May 2022
    Degree conferred on May 21, 2022 (tentative date)
    Certifications sent to the NJ DOE by July 1, 2022
    NJ DOE processing time is five to ten business days
How do I apply for permanent certification?
During your first year of teaching, you will be enrolled in the Provisional Teacher Program by your hiring district. Upon successful completion of your first year of full-time employment, your district makes the recommendation to the state for a standard certification.