Payment Information

General Information

Beginning July 2009, Montclair State University will no longer mail paper bills or statements. All statements will be posted and available for viewing on the Student Web Enrollment Student Services (WESS) Account Summary website. 

WESS is the University's suite of online services which affords students a convenient method of viewing their account summary, registering, accessing their schedules, grades, and all financial accounts, including their Financial Aid Award letter. Students access WESS with their Student ID Number (CWID) and their six digits Personal ID Number (PIN). WESS is generally available Monday-Friday 7am to 11pm and Saturday/Sunday noon to 6pm (check the current semester schedule of courses for system availability).

Statements will be posted on WESS by the end of July for the Fall semester, by mid-November for the Spring semester and by the beginning of April for the Summer sessions. These statements will be updated at the end of each business day to reflect any changes to your tuition and fee charges as a result of changes you may make to your schedule. You should check your WESS Account Summary the day after you make any change to your schedule. If someone other than yourself will be making payment, please inform that person of the balance due to Montclair State and the payment due date. The payment due date and all payment options are listed on the   web page and on WESS at the Payment Options link on the Account Summary page.   

Balances not paid or have an approved deferment (Financial Aid, Payment Plan or Waivers) by the payment deadline as viewed on WESS, will be subject to deregistration. If you are dropped from your classes, you will need to re-enroll on a space available basis. There may also be an additional fee assessed to students dropped and subsequently re-enrolled. Balances not paid by the due date risk a late fee assessment. Grades, transcripts and/or diplomas will not be released unless the account is paid in full. Please refer to the Student Schedule of Courses Booklet at or contact our office for further information and/or procedures. 

Once you have registered for classes, you are responsible for all charges associated with that semester. If you decide not to attend any or all of your courses, you must officially withdraw through WESS at or submit a written notice to the Registrar's office located in College Hall, Room 204. Students who do not withdraw or take a leave of absence according to policy forfeits all rights to a refund or to a reduction in his/her account. It is the student's obligation to drop/withdraw from their classes. All tuition and fee appeals must be submitted in writing to Student Accounts, College Hall, Room 218. Students that withdraw and have received financial aid must contact that office (973-655-4461) or Some of your aid may need to be returned. Any balance that results from a reduction in aid is the responsibility of the student.