Financial Aid Assistance

Financial Aid

Financial Aid, including grants, student or parent loans, and scholarships may be used to offset educational expenses.  Estimated financial aid will be reflected on the student account summary via WESS.  If your charges exceed your financial aid, you must pay the balance by the due date to avoid late fees.  Please contact Financial Aid if you are making changes to your schedule, this may also change the amount of potential aid you will receive.  For questions regarding financial aid, and all important deadlines please visit their website at, view the Q & A page  or  call 973-655-4461.


Guidelines for Outside Scholarships:

Notification to the Office of Student Accounts about Outside Scholarships

Student’s MUST supply the Office of Student Accounts copy/copies of all scholarship notification letter(s). These letter(s) should include the following:

  • Name of Scholarship
  • CWID Number
  • Amount of Scholarship
  • If information is available how the scholarship will be disbursed- by paper check or electronic transmission of funds (EFT), payable to student or school and if the entire amount will be sent at the beginning of the year or semester.
  • Information may be sent to the Office of Student Accounts via mail, fax or in person.

**Outside scholarship awards are considered resources and may reduce the amount of need-based financial aid you are awarded. If the outside scholarship exceeds a student’s financial need and/or cost of attendance, adjustments may be made to the student’s financial aid package to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Scholarships Requiring Documentation

Enrollment and Academic Verification

Some scholarships may require an invoice or billing statement from the university before sending payment to the school. This information is normally noted on the notification letter. Below are some commonly requested documents:

  • Billing statement or invoice – Requests for an invoice must be noted in the notification letter along with the agencies contact and billing address information.
  • Verification forms - Verification forms can be mailed to the Office of Student Accounts or faxed to 973-655-4421.
  • Transcripts or certification of enrollment: Please be advised that the Office of Student Accounts cannot issue official transcripts or enrollment certifications. Students may submit a request through WESS for official transcripts. The Certification of Enrollment Request Form can be obtained online or in person at the Office of the Registrar. Students can access information pertaining to their academic standing, financial aid awards, cost of attendance and more on WESS.

Instructions for Submitting Checks to MSU:

Scholarship checks should be made payable to Montclair State University with the following information: student’s full name, CWID#, and semester(s) to which the funds should be applied. Scholarship checks should be mailed to the address below:

Montclair State University
Office of Student Accounts
College Hall Room 218
Montclair, NJ 07043

Scholarship checks made co-payable to the student and Montclair State University must be endorsed by the student before the funds can be applied to his/her account. You will be contacted by the Office of Student Accounts when your endorsement is needed. Information may be sent to the Office of Student Accounts via mail or fax.

Note: Scholarship checks made payable to the student ONLY cannot be accepted.