Group fitness class lifting weights

Class Descriptions

Advanced Yoga

Don’t let the title intimidate you, advanced yoga is a class where students can take their practice to the next level through a series of stepping stone progressions and practicing more difficult poses in a safe and encouraging environment, all while building strength and stamina to master those poses.
All-level Yoga

Yoga is a practice for the mind, body, and spirit. In this Vinyasa Flow class, students will move through a variety of seated and standing poses, connecting with their breath. Students will engage in strengthening, flexibility, and mindfulness–with options for all levels of experience.
Barbell Strength

This strength workout uses a barbell, and traditional weight room exercises for full body resistance training. Great music, awesome instructors and a choice of weight inspires participants to get the results they came for and fast!
Beginner/Intermediate Strengthening

For new prospective students looking to start practicing yoga and gain strength to eventually learn more difficult poses. This class will help you move through foundational poses and become a stronger individual.

This high-intensity, calorie burning class is a great workout for participants of all levels. A combination of weight training and cardiovascular circuits are used to improve your overall strength and cardiovascular health!
Cardio Kickboxing

This class is a great cardiovascular workout that involves a positive and productive way to relieve stress and work out any aggression. This is set up with kicks and punches to upbeat music where the cardio burn is intense. With a little mental focusing, you will leave the room feeling stress free!

Ready for a more authentic, more intense and less-stationary, indoor cycling class? The RealRyder is unlike any other bike because it moves with you, utilizing more muscle groups, burning more calories, and giving you a more authentic cycling experience than any stationary bike can. You won’t just feel the ride in your legs and lungs – you’ll feel it in your arms and core too.
Dance Fitness

If you’re bored with the same thing in your workout, then check out Dance Fitness. This class is open to all levels so come and join the party if you’re ready to turn up and get active in an easy to follow hip-hop style dance class!
Functional Movement

Functional Movement is a fresh and effective take on traditional group exercise. This class is meant to train you to use your body in the most effective way possible, and make everyday activities easier while also increasing fitness. We will focus on many aspects of functional fitness including balance, core strength, mobility, total body awareness, and many more.
Good Morning Yoga

Join us while the sun is slowly on the rise. This class is intended to combine your breath and movement and wake your body up. During this flow you will develop a better sense of alignment, while also having fun moving your body. You will leave class with this stored energy ready to take on your day.
Goodnight Yoga

A time to relax and de-stress from the week. In this class, students will be guided through movement, breathing, and mediation. This class will leave students feeling calm and ready to take on the week ahead of them through slow stretches and restorative postures.

HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is an equipment free, full body workout that will get your blood pumping and muscles working! This workout keeps your heart rate up during the quick, intense bursts of exercise which are followed by recovery periods. This fun, calorie burning class will be a great addition to your exercise routine!

Meditation and mindfulness

An all new and exciting class added to the Rec center for students interested in a safe space to come in, lay down, close their eyes and find peace. Stay for five minute or thirty it is all up to you, all are welcome in this walk in meditation class.
Midday de-stress

Feeling overwhelmed and exhausted? We’re here to help! This yoga class is designed to help students take a break from their busy school schedules to release any unwanted tension and stress through calming and peaceful movement, all levels welcome.
Paddleboard Yoga

Let the paddleboard be your yoga mat. Take part in a 60 minute guided yoga class on anchored paddleboards in the SRC pool to improve your balance, gain core strength, change up your routine, and connect with friends in a fun, zero-judgement environment. All levels welcome! Come dressed in fitness apparel; swimwear is encouraged, but not required.

A mind-body conditioning technique that focuses on trunk stability and coordinated breathing through a series of exercises.  Pilates develops a longer, leaner, stronger and more graceful body by improving muscular symmetry, alignment, posture, core-strength and flexibility. All levels welcome.

A full-body cardio jam session, combining light resistance with constant simulated drumming. The workout fuses cardio, Pilates, isometric movements, plyometrics and isometric poses into a 45-minute series. Strengthen and sculpt infrequently used muscles, and drum your way to a leaner, slimmer physique – all while rocking out to your favorite music!

TRX Suspension Training is a total body class that uses gravity against your own body weight to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. This 45 minute class is great for participants of all levels!

Yoga is a combination of mind, body, and spirit. This yoga class is a blend of breathing, moving, and relaxation. Students will learn how to pair their breath with their movement, alignment, and strength building.

A dance-fitness program that infuses international rhythms and dance moves. Based on nonverbal cueing and repeated sequences that will make you sweat! Burn a ton of calories during this non-stop workout!