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Club Sports

Club Sports are student-run and funded sports teams. Most teams participate in established leagues and compete against other colleges and universities, however, clubs can also be instructional or recreational in nature. Most teams practice a few times per week and compete on the weekend. This gives students an opportunity to participate in a sport they love (or one they are brand new to) and also have time to participate in other areas of student life. All recognized clubs are supervised by the Department of Campus Recreation. If you are interested in joining one of our current clubs or in starting a new club, please feel free to contact the Club Sports staff at or call 973-655-3346.

COVID Policies
Updated October 6, 2022
1. Athletes are considered compliant with the COVID requirements if they have received two vaccinations and one booster shot.
2. If 5 months have not yet passed since a student’s second COVID vaccination, then they are not eligible for the booster, and they will be permitted to play and are considered “compliant pending”.
3. Eligibility to receive the booster will be tracked through MyHealth Portal. Students will have two weeks to upload booster information into MedProctor after their date of eligibility to and confirm with us that it has been completed.
4. If after two weeks the player has not received the booster, they will be suspended from play until the booster has been received. Failure to submit documentation would change their status to non-compliant.
5. Vaccination exemptions are considered non-compliant with this policy and ineligible to participate in Club Sports.


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