Students playing intramural basketball in the Student Recreation Center.

Intramural Sports

Welcome to Montclair State University’s Intramural Sports Leagues!

Intramural Sports are organized sports leagues made up of Montclair State University Students. With a wide variety of leagues and single-day events, there are opportunities for everyone to get involved! Whether you are looking for a competitive atmosphere or just to have fun and make friends, everyone is welcome. Come check out how you can get involved and stay active without any major time commitments!

Any and all Montclair students are welcome to participate in our leagues, of which including Men’s, Women’s, Organizations, and Open (gender-inclusive league). Intramural Sports requires that each participant has completed the following three steps in order to be eligible to participate in their team’s game:

  1. Every player must be registered for AND appear on their team’s roster/scoresheet.
  2. Pay BEFORE you play. Every player must ensure that their $10.00 payment is made prior to participating in their first game of the season. Montclair State University Organizations may register their entire team for $60.00 prior to the start of the season. Payment must be made in the Main Office of the Student Recreation Center.
  3. Bring your Montclair State University ID to each game. This will be used to verify your identity and check in prior to game time with the IM Director and Scorekeeper.

Upon winning your respective League you will then receive your very own Intramural Sports Champion T-Shirt and will have ultimate bragging rights around campus! If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office staff at

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