Campus Recreation


  1. What if I don’t have a team to play with?
    • If you don’t have a team to play with, you are able to register as a Free Agent and we will try and place you on a team, but it is not guaranteed that we will find a placement for you.
  2. Where are games played?
    • Depending on what sport you have registered for, our games are held between the following locations; Student Recreation Center Gymnasium, Dioguardi Field, and Multi-Courts behind the Softball Stadium.
  3. When are games played?
    • Games are played between Sunday through Thursday during the hours of 6 -11 p.m.
  4. How is our team’s game schedule created?
    • Every team’s game schedule is based off availability that the team captain fill outs when creating the team on IMLeagues. From there we try and give you the game times that best fit you and your team’s schedule.
  5. How long does the season last?
    • During the semester, our sports are split into two different periods (for example; Fall A, Fall B, Spring A, Spring B) depending on how many teams sign up for the league, a season usually tends to last between 4-6 weeks which includes playoffs.
  6. What if my team can’t make a scheduled game?
    • If your team cannot make a scheduled game, they should immediately notify the Office of Intramural Sports so they can try and reschedule their game or find the best solution before having to call it a Default.
  7. What is the difference between a forfeit and a default?
    • The difference between a forfeit and a default is that a forfeit occurs when a team doesn’t show up to their scheduled game with the minimum amount of players needed to start at Game Time and/or they did not get in contact with the Office of Intramural Sports to inform them of their team’s absence which affects their Sportsmanship rating. Meanwhile, a Default is when a team informs the Office of Intramural Sports that they will not be able to attend their game by 3 p.m. on Game Day.
  8. Does every team qualify for the playoffs?
    • In order to qualify for playoffs, each team must have a minimum score of a 2.75 for their sportsmanship rating, which is determined by the Intramural Director of the night after each game.
  9. What do we get if we win the championship game?
    • If your team wins the Championship Game, all players who were eligible to participate in the playoffs win a free T-shirt!
  10. Can I be on more than one team?
    • Yes, you can be on more than one team as long they are in different leagues (i.e. one Men’s team and one Open team, but NOT two men’s teams)