Group fitness class lifting weights


Khalid Alston
Khalid is a Senior Exercise Science major with a focus in clinical education and pre-professional studies; he also has a minor in sports nutrition. Khalid is an ACSM certified personal trainer, and plans to receive the NSCA Strength and Conditioning Specialization as well as the ACSM Exercise Physiologist certification upon graduation. Over his years as a trainer, Khalid has realized that his passion is less about giving out workouts, but more about changing lives through improving people’s health and fitness and providing them with a safe space where they can vent and be themselves.

Kimberly Anilonis
Bio coming soon!

Lea Asplen
Lea is a Senior Linguistics major with a minor in French. She has been a certified Zumba instructor for 4 years and a certified Pound instructor for 1 year, but has been dancing for 15 years. She hopes you leave her classes feeling so energized and joyful from the fun choreography that you don’t even realize that you’re getting a workout! Everyone is welcome, whether or not they’ve danced before in their lives. One of her favorite dance quotes is: “Nobody cares if you can’t dance well. Just get up and dance. Great dancers are great because of their passion.” ~Martha Graham

Carolyn Brosnan
Carolyn is a sophomore majoring in Communications and Media Arts with a minor in Nutrition. Carolyn is passionate about becoming a strong leader for others and inspiring all women to not be afraid to lift. She believes in a balanced lifestyle and feels that the gym is not just a place to workout but is a place to grow, destress, and connect with others who are like-minded. She creates a positive and energetic atmosphere within her barbell, cycle, hit, TRX, and bootcamp group x classes. She looks forward to earning her Personal Training certification in the near future and continuing motivating others through their fitness journey. She believes that college is a wonderful place to begin using the resources you have and to try everything. You are at your most youthful and experimental ages in life so why not push yourself now to make changes while you have the potential. One of her favorite quotes is “Lead by example and practice what you preach”- Gandhi Graham

Camryn Chernick
Camryn is a Senior Communications Studies major with a minor in Entrepreneurship. She’s a 200-hour registered yoga teacher, POUND, and HardCORE instructor. She hopes that after you take one of her fitness classes, you leave feeling strong, empowered, and rejuvenated. This dessert loving yogi is a Disney College Program Alumna and a contributing writer for Her Campus Montclair. One of her favorite quotes is “If you can dream it, you can do it” ~Walt Disney.

Jordan Donahue
Jordan is a senior majoring in Physical Education. She is a certified spin instructor through Keiser Foundations but also teaches Bootcamp, HIIT and Barbell Strength. Her mission is to create a fun fitness environment where people feel empowered to meet their fitness goals! Her favorite quote is “I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

Christina Lugg
Christina is a sophomore majoring in Nursing. She started going to Jordan’s cycling classes at the rec her freshman year. That is when she found her new passion. Her favorite thing about teaching cycling is creating new playlists for her classes. Her goal is for everyone to enjoy the atmosphere of the class and to leave feeling refreshed and motivated for the rest of their day.