The six Recboard E-board members standing outside with matching black recboard t-shirts.

Meet RecBoard

President, Linda Mozdzen

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my third year with RecBoard. Last year I served as Special Events Chair and this year, I’m thrilled to be president.

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because I was drawn to an organization filled with people who had a passion for fun and bettering our campus community. I’ve always had a friendly face to greet me every Friday at 2:30 and I’m happy I can be that person for someone.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory from RecBoard was fall Bingo last year. It was amazing to have a room full of 500 people who were so excited to play Bingo. I also loved how many other organizations were there to help promote their organizations and get involved on campus.

Vice President, Ivy Dimaculangan

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This year will mark my fourth year with RecBoard and my second year serving on the Executive Board; last year as Community Outreach Chair and this year as Vice President.

Why I joined: RecBoard encourages the Montclair State community to be the best examples of themselves by lending a helping hand to people in need, all the while having fun. The message of celebrating others, in the midst of serving our community, has allowed me to fully become the best version of myself and it is my hope that it can do the same for everyone else.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory has to be my first Special Friend’s Day. The day was filled with games, dancing, and lots of fun. The best part would have to be the smiling faces of all of our friends. It is truly a memory I will always cherish and never forget.

Special Events Chair, Cynthia Tyrrell

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I have been apart of RecBoard for a year, with this upcoming year making it two. This will also be my first year apart of the E-Board!

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because I was looking for an organization that I could really get involved in, and was similar to the stuff that I did in high school. From the moment that I stepped into a RecBoard meeting I knew that this was going to be the place for me, but little did I know that it would become such a big part of my life on campus!!

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory from RecBoard is when I participated in a community service event where we traveled to a senior citizen home. During the time there we were able to brighten the residents days, and give them someone to talk to. It was honestly a really rewarding experience.

Special Events Chair, Cassie Cagle

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my third year as a Recboard member and my first year on the executive board.

Why I joined: I joined Recboard as a way to meet new people and to get involved on campus. While attending every Friday Recboard meeting, I began to make friends, create memories, and discover a sense of belonging. Recboard has greatly impacted my experience here at Montclair State and I hope to continue that for all current and future members.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory from Recboard was the Masquerade Ball. I loved seeing this new event come together and to see everyone having fun. I have many pictures and memories from this event that I can smile and look back on.

Marketing & Communication Chair, Tyler Hugues

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: I have been with RecBoard since Spring 2018.

Why I joined: I joined because I wanted to become more involved and connected with everything going on around campus.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory is Minute to Win it in 2017. It was great seeing how people got so excited to participate in the games, and how excited they were to win the great prizes that were there!

Community Outreach Chair, Nick Parente

How long I’ve been with RecBoard: This is my second year as a RecBoard Member! I was a general body member for my first year and I loved it so much I decided to run to be the Community Outreach Chair for my second year!

Why I joined: I joined RecBoard because of the positive impact they have on this campus. I am involved in lots of different orgs on campus but RecBoard is different. They allowed me to be myself and help me find a second home. They want to get students more involved and help them make a difference and that inspired me to want to be a part of RecBoard.

Favorite Memory: My favorite memory of RecBoard was the Laser Tag during Spring 2018! I got to play laser tag with all the executive board members. It really meant a lot to me and I had such a fun time!