“Ruff House Rescue” Community Service Project

Community Service Project

The Student Recreation Center is Cosponsoring with MSU Volunteer Center to help raise money for “Ruff House Rescue” by walking, jogging, running, hiking or biking (any activity under 14 m.p.h.). All you have to do is download theResQWalkapp, create your account, select “Ruff House Rescue” to support, and start logging your activities there.  The more miles you log on the app, the more money raised for Ruff House Rescue.

    • HOW IT WORKS: 
      • Download the free application on your cell phone throughwww.ResQWalk.com.
      • Choose “Download on the App Store” or “Get it On Google Play”.
      • Once in the application, you must sign up with your name, zip code, email, and password.
      • Go to “My Profile” in the bottom right hand corner of the app, and edit the information (including photos and your dog information).
      • Go to “New Walk” in the bottom right hand corner, and click on the magnifying glass to search for “Ruff House Rescue”.
      • Click on “+Follow”. This may take 5-10 minutes for the application to process.
      • Go to “New Walk” and click on the bottom arrow. Scroll to choose Ruff House Rescue as the organization you would like to support (otherwise it will default to “Best Friends Animal Society”). You can cancel the walk and start over if you forget this step.
  • How To View Your Stats (Community Service Hours):
    1. Go to Leaderboard (bottom of the application)
    2. Click on ‘your name’ (me)
    3. Click on Activity
    4. Click on My Stats
    5. Your stats defaults to “Weekly Stats” you can change to “Daily Stats”, “Monthly Stats” or “Annual Stats

Any exercise that you log in the ResQWalk app can be applied to Campus Recreation’s “14-Day Fitness Challenge”.  Just screenshot proof of your activity from the ResQWalk app and tag us or DM us!

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