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Strolling Down The Promenade

New east side campus walkway is coming!

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Before the beautiful…first comes the construction!

When you return to campus for the fall semester, you’ll find a new walkway on the east side of the campus.  In coordination with the recently completed Center for Environmental and Life Sciences and the under-construction new School of Communication and Media building, a new promenade is coming your way.

About The New Promenade

Running from Richardson Hall to College Hall the new promenade will be constructed in phases. Fifty new lights and 40 larger trees will line the center pathway, bordered by lawn areas, benches, ornamental trees and plantings.

The first phase runs from the entrance of Richardson Hall to the front of Schmitt Hall. This phase contains several different seating and planting areas. A rain garden and boulder seating will frame the entrance of the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences.  

A new seating area, with 20 benches, surrounded by plantings will be incorporated between Mallory Hall and Schmitt Hall.

This center promenade pathway will eventually continue to include the areas in front of Memorial Auditorium, Sprague Library, Morehead Hall, and the new School of Communication and Media building. This phase contains several different types of seating areas, including a new entrance plaza into Memorial Auditorium, as well as additional café tables and chairs in front of Sprague Library.

The Green Will Come

You might not see many trees until mid-fall, since that is the best time of year for plantings, but be assured, the green will come, along with the beauty and shade.

So, look forward to a stroll down the new east-side promenade, coming soon!

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