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Programs and Opportunities

For Middle/High School Students

For Middle/High School Students

The Passaic Basin Eco-Explorers Program in Environmental Science, Ecology and Computer Technology is a four-week, Monday through Friday program consisting of all-day sessions for middle school students. The program consists of visits to notable sites within the Passaic River ecosystem, including the Great Falls National Historical Park in Paterson, as well as important environmental infrastructure centers, such as the New Jersey American Water Treatment Plant. Our campers also conduct field studies of area forests, streams, and lakes, such as the Alonzo F. Bonsal Wildlife Preserve.
Health Careers Program
Funded jointly by Montclair State University and the NJ Educational Opportunity Fund, the HCP is an undergraduate program that prepares highly motivated and academically capable students from financially and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity for admission to health professions schools and careers in the sciences. The goals and objectives are achieved through a balance of formal course work, comprehensive supportive services such as tutorials, collaborative learning and recitation sessions, peer mentoring, academic advisement, individual and group counseling, lectures series, field trips and financial assistance. Students are provided a variety of experiences in the health professions including preceptorships, summer externships, research and other field experiences.
Upward Bound
Delivering educational opportunities for current high school students, who come from low-level income families and/or who are potential first-generation college bound. UB provides fundamental support for participants to succeed in their current level of education as well as preparing them in their pursuit of higher education.
Emphasis is made on the adolescent as a whole, by offering additional support via tutoring, counseling, mentoring, cultural enrichment activities/trips, work-study, financial literacy and personal development.
Weston Science Scholars
Offering specially selected ninth, tenth and eleventh graders from Montclair High School the opportunity to learn science by doing science. The program recognizes high achieving students with significant potential in science, mathematics and related fields.
For CSAM Students

For CSAM Students

Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation (LSAMP)
The National Science Foundation backed program aims to foster success in science and mathematics by minority students in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). The Garden State LSAMP program, led by Rutgers-Newark, has three clusters of participating colleges and universities in New Jersey. The College of Science and Mathematics maintains a leadership role in the Garden State-LSAMP program. Montclair State University is the “hub” of the program’s northern cluster.
Noyce at Montclair
The Montclair State University Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program is dedicated to recruiting, preparing and supporting new science teachers for New Jersey’s high-need K-12 school districts. This project is funded by the National Science Foundation and offers two years of scholarships equal to the amount of New Jersey in-state tuition and fees, as well as an annual stipend of $3000 to undergraduate chemistry, physics, earth science, and biology majors admitted into the Montclair State Teacher Education Program.
Noyce at Montclair: Preparing the Effective Elementary Mathematics Teacher (PE2MT), is a Capacity Building project designed to increase the number of elementary teachers with extraordinary preparation for teaching mathematics.
Providing scholarships for academically strong students, who may not otherwise be able to afford college, pursuing Master of Science degrees in Chemistry and Biochemistry to increase the number of graduates prepared to support national, regional, and local companies. The program intends to produce a well-trained workforce that will contribute to the economic growth of New Jersey and the nation.
Phage Genomics Program
The Biology Department offers freshman an innovative program in bacteriophage genomics research funded by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI). Courses are team-taught by Drs. Sandra Adams, Kirsten-Monsen-Collar and Quinn Vega.
PSEG ISS Green Team Program
PSEG ISS Green Team Program is a unique paid internship opportunity that runs in the summer months. Students are given a chance to work as part of a transdisciplinary Green Team addressing sustainability problems posed by a corporation, local business, or government agency. All majors are desired, and many skills are needed.
For Alumni and Professionals

For Alumni and Professionals

Continuing Professional Education Services (CPES)
An initiative of the College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) at Montclair State University designed to meet the demand for environmental continuing education courses in northern New Jersey, CSAM will be offering Continuing Education credit-bearing courses for LSRPs, environmental attorneys as well as an array of programs designed for the larger environmental community.