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Mario M. Casabona Future Scientists Awards

The Mario M. Casabona Future Scientists Program encourages students to recognize the importance of oral communication skills and the ability to discuss the results of scholarship effectively with various audiences and at all levels. The Program motivates, trains and rewards students for the preparation and delivery of effective communication of scientific research to the general public and non-science professionals. Such presentation and communication skills provide students with the capacity to be distinctly competitive and successful in their subsequent educational and career paths.

The next competition will take place on April 9 in CELS!

The Challenge

Judges will evaluate the ability of the competitors to:

  • explain their research clearly
  • demonstrate depth of knowledge
  • answer questions effectively
  • employ an engaging presentation style
  • communicate technical information to a non-scientist audience in a compelling manner

The students will have the benefit of honing invaluable presentation skills and will have access to coaching from highly-placed corporate executives and entrepreneurs.

Awards Reception

All students will be recognized for having been selected to participate in the competition.

More Information

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Nicole Weir

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