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Mario M. Casabona Future Scientists Awards

Student Competition

Thank you to all those that joined us on Wednesday, April 10 for this year’s competition, and congratulations for all the students that competed this year! You can watch the presentations below.

The Mario M. Casabona Future Scientists Program encourages students to enhance their oral communication skills to discuss the basis, rationale and results of their scholarship, especially outside their disciplines. For our students to excel in graduate school, and in their careers, it is critical that they be able to communicate their ideas effectively in with both scientific and layman groups and individuals.

Through this program, we seek to motivate, train and reward students for the preparation and delivery communicating their scientific research to the general public and non-science professionals. These presentation and communication skills empower students to become competitive and successful in their subsequent educational and career paths.

The Challenge

Judges will evaluate the ability of the twelve competitors to:

  • explain their research clearly
  • demonstrate depth of knowledge
  • answer questions effectively
  • employ an engaging presentation style
  • communicate technical information to a non-scientist audience in a compelling manner

The students will have the benefit of honing invaluable presentation skills and will have access to coaching from highly-placed corporate executives and entrepreneurs. The best presentations will be awarded as follows:

  • First Place – $2,000
  • Second Place – $1,200
  • Third Place – $500

Awards Reception

Meet our outstanding students and judges, and celebrate as we announce the award winners at a reception in the CELS Atrium following the competition. All students will be recognized for having been selected to participate in the Mario M. Casabona Future Scientists competition.


Parking, for a nominal fee, in the Red Hawk Deck is recommended. View walking directions from the Red Hawk Parking Deck to CELS.

More Information

For more information, contact JoAnn Keatz, Director of Development, at 973-655-3702 or