students working in biochemistry lab


Chunguang Du’s Lab – Biology

  • New reverse genetics resources for maize

Meiyin Wu’s Lab – Biology

  • Human impacts on aquatic ecosystems

Bharath Kumar Samanthula – Computer Science

  • Applied cryptography, personal privacy and data security, primarily in the fields of social networks, cloud computing, sensor networks and smart grids

Michelle Zhu’s Lab – Computer Science

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC and CUDA GPU), Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Computational Statistics with R, Data Structure, Operating System, Scientific Visualization, Computer Architecture

Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Lab – Earth and Environmental Studies

  • Run by: Laying Wu
  • Basic to advanced training in all aspects of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Remote Sensing Lab – Earth and Environmental Studies

  • Run by: Mark Chopping
  • Mapping forest and shrubs in desert grasslands in the southwestern US and in Arctic tundra using NASA’s Earth Observing System

Deepak Bal’s Lab– Mathematical Sciences

  • Probabilistic combinatorics, random graphs/hypergraphs and the analysis of discrete random processes

Nicole Panorkou’s Lab – Mathematical Sciences

  • Development and validation of learning trajectories for K-8 mathematics; student learning of geometry, algebra and rational number reasoning; and a focus on the ways that technology and modeling can foster the utility of mathematical concepts.