students working in biochemistry lab


Chunguang Du’s Lab – Biology

  • New reverse genetics resources for maize

Meiyin Wu’s Lab – Biology

  • Human impacts on aquatic ecosystems

Microscopy and Microanalysis Research Lab – Earth and Environmental Studies

  • Run by: Laying Wu
  • Basic to advanced training in all aspects of transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and scanning electron microscopy (SEM)

Remote Sensing Lab – Earth and Environmental Studies

  • Run by: Mark Chopping
  • Mapping forest and shrubs in desert grasslands in the southwestern US and in Arctic tundra using NASA’s Earth Observing System

Deepak Bal’s Lab– Mathematics

  • Probabilistic combinatorics, random graphs/hypergraphs and the analysis of discrete random processes

Nicole Panorkou’s Lab – Mathematics

  • Development and validation of learning trajectories for K-8 mathematics; student learning of geometry, algebra and rational number reasoning; and a focus on the ways that technology and modeling can foster the utility of mathematical concepts.

Bharath Kumar Samanthula – School of Computing

  • Applied cryptography, personal privacy and data security, primarily in the fields of social networks, cloud computing, sensor networks and smart grids

Michelle Zhu’s Lab – School of Computing

  • Parallel and Distributed Computing (MPI, OpenMP, OpenACC and CUDA GPU), Distributed Systems, Software Engineering, Computational Statistics with R, Data Structure, Operating System, Scientific Visualization, Computer Architecture

Natural Language Processing Lab – School of Computing, Linguistics

  • Combining linguistic insights with rigorous, cutting edge methods in machine learning and other computational approaches to process human language.