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CSAM College Olympics Champions Once Again

Our newest students have reclaimed the College Olympics trophy!

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The CSAM College Olympics team with the trophy after winning the championship.

This year’s competition was arguably the most energetic and competitive College Olympics in recent memory, due to the great representation of the students, and pre-game pep talks from the College Deans, getting everyone hyped up to play. Dean Billings was confident in our students from the beginning, seeing their excitement and their pride for the College. Our students came ready to make a run at bringing the title back to CSAM. Regardless of the stakes, sportsmanship remained prevalent as all the teams made sure to shake hands after each game.

As the competition wore on the College of Education and Human Services (CEHS) and the College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) rose to the top, deadlocked by the final game. Ultimately, CSAM won the final game and became the overall 2018-19 College Olympics champions!

Thank you to all of our new students that participated this year. Because of you, the trophy will be coming home to the CSAM Dean’s Office in CELS for this academic year. Stop by and get a selfie with the trophy whenever you’d like!