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Release Your Inner Beast

Biology alum Dr. Carla Rodrigues, DVM, CCRP, CVA, chronicles her life and experiences overcoming endometriosis and becoming a successful veterinarian.

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Cover of Release Your Inner Beast by Dr. Carla Rodrigues
Cover of Release Your Inner Beast by Dr. Carla Rodrigues

Within the pages of Release Your Inner Beast, you’ll find Dr. Rodrigues’ definition of a fulfilling, happy, and healthy life as she transitions from a young girl with an unexpected diagnosis into an endo-free survivor with a victorious story to tell.

Whether you’ve been diagnosed specifically with endometriosis or another chronic condition, you know someone going through a difficult time medically or in life, or you’re looking for some overall encouragement and need a boost of confidence, you’ve come to the right place. Immerse yourself into a world where you will find reassurance that you are not alone, regardless of your unique story. This book holds the key to recognizing your full potential and most of all, putting yourself first.

Dr. Rodrigues is a proud Portuguese-American, born and raised in Northern New Jersey. After graduating from Montclair State University with a Biology degree, her wanderlust and passion to explore inspired a move to the Caribbean, where she obtained her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree at Ross University in Saint Kitts. Not too long after that Carla found herself exploring the world of alternative medicine, completing certifications in Canine Rehabilitation and Veterinary Acupuncture. An Endometriosis survivor, Carla currently lives and practices in Jacksonville, Florida.

A proud alum of Montclair State University, she has taken time to return to campus to speak to students about becoming and being a Veterinarian.

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