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New center created to study state’s waterways

The New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology (NJCWST) will conduct research to maintain and improve the safety of our waters.

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lake soil sample analysis
Students looking at a soil sample from a local lake

In light of the multiple harmful algal blooms that have plagued New Jersey since the start of the summer, Montclair State University has recently established the New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology. NJCWST (pronounced NJ Quest) is committed to keeping drinking and recreational waters safe, and preserving the health of aquatic habitats. The Center is now home to the Passaic River Institute, the NJDEP Certified Water Analysis Laboratory, the New Jersey Phytoplankton Lab, the Eco-Explorers program, and the Habitat Connectivity Project program.

The Center is led by Dr. Meiyin Wu, a professor in the Department of Biology, along with a team of staff and postdocs.