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Alum continues research experience in pursuit of their PhD

Kimberly Fabijanczuk ’19 is continuing her education at Purdue University in the number one ranked Analytical Chemistry program in the country.

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Kimberly Fabijanczuk presenting her poster at a conference
Kimberly Fabijanczuk '19 presenting her poster at a conference

As a sophomore, Kimberly joined Dr. Jinshan Gao, Chemistry and Biochemistry, as a member of his lab group. She quickly transformed from a second-year undergraduate student to a researcher, spending a significant amount of time in the lab working hands-on with various projects. Kimberly’s research has been well received, publishing one first-author paper in Analytical Chemistry and one second-author paper in the Journal of The American Society for Mass Spectrometry. Although she has moved onto her Analytical Chemistry PhD at Purdue, the results of her research with Dr. Gao will yield two more papers in the future.