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EcoExplorers Hiring Conservation Specialist through AmeriCorps

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AmeriCorps Group

Conservation Specialists in the EECO AmeriCorps program are invited to join this service opportunity to serve with the EcoExplorers program. The EcoExplorers program has been providing environmental education since 2007. The EcoExplorers program includes two major components: (1) hosting a summer camp for middle school students and (2) providing a year-round outreach program. This year, AmeriCorps Conservation Specialists will be supporting the year-round outreach program with visits to area schools to provide in class or in field education in Passaic and Essex County. Additionally, members will participate in a variety of community events, science fairs, club activities, etc. Participation will include a wide variety of audience groups from children to seniors in nursing homes.

Position Responsibilities

  • AmeriCorps members will build online modules and lesson plans that can be used by teachers for both online and in-class learning, parents for homeschooling, and our staff for teaching in person. This will also be coupled with real-life demonstrations and our staff to teach as a virtual guest speaker for online or in-class learning.
  • AmeriCorps members will also provide learning modules focusing on human recreation safety (i.e. waterborne pathogens, cyanotoxins), seafood consumption safety (i.e. mercury, PCBs), urban biodiversity (i.e. habitat fragmentation and connectivity), and plastic free water (i.e. street trash reduction).
  • AmeriCorps members will be asked to work with the New Jersey Center for Water Science and Technology staff to develop these learning modules and deliver the contents via environmental education/outreach activities both in schools and in communities.

For more information contact: Jessica Pichardo, Project Coordinator Center for Community Engagement, or (973) 655-7882

Position Benefits

  • Living allowance of $17,432
  • Educational reward of $6,095 (upon completion; to be used towards federal student loans, graduate school, etc.)
  • Health coverage through Cigna
  • Personal and Vacation time
  • Training and support through Montclair State University and Orange Board of Education

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