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Spring 2022 Casabona Future Scientists Competition

Students impress with their skillful presentations, demonstrating the vastness of research throughout the College

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Casabona Spring 2022 students and mentors

On April 27 students hand-picked by our departments came together for another iteration of the Casabona Future Scientists Competition. The event has again provided a great demonstration of our students gifts and abilities and the power of our faculty’s mentorship. Our judges were yet again pushed to make very difficult decisions in terms of who deserved the prestigious first place honor this time around. Sarah Krisak1, a biochemistry major, managed to impress the judges through her poster and oral presentation on the reestablishing of barren soil to a usable state. Sharing the spotlight was her mentor Dr. Nina Goodey who was selected as the best mentor of the group as well. Ellia Daniel2, majoring in biology, earned both second place and the audience favorite with her research around Alzheimer’s Disease with Dr. Robert O’Hagan. Taking third place was physics major Mariam Mchedlidze3 for her research with Dr. Rodica Martin looking at improving Faraday isolators.

Student Titles

  1. Can a contaminated, barren, and dead soil be transformed into a healthy functional soil?
  2. Evidence of a ciliar role for Tau in Alzheimer’s Disease
  3. Improving Faraday isolators for future gravitational-wave detectors