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Math Major Headed to Austria

Wiley Debs has received a Scholarship from the Austrian Marshall Plan Foundation

Posted in: CSAM Students, Mathematics

Wiley Debs by Marshall Plan poster
Wiley Debs, mathematics major

Wiley will spend the spring 2023 semester at the Technical University of Graz in Austria to study and conduct research with Drs. Sophie Frisch (TU Graz) and Aihua Li (MSU). Wiley will stay in Austria for six months to study polynomial matrix rings and their properties. During this time he will also attend graduate courses held at TU Graz and work with other students in their math program. The research under the guidance of Drs. Frisch and Li will explore properties of polynomial rings, more specifically the polynomial rings with particular matrices as their coefficients. The objective is to find which subrings of a matrix ring act as the domain and range of the polynomial in question. Wiley is ecstatic about the opportunity to both create new experiences while studying abroad and to complete such fascinating research alongside experts in the field. Congratulations, Wiley!

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