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STEM-POWERMENT: Pursuing our Passions Together

Rooted in a concern that women in CSAM felt underrepresented the STEM-Powerment event sought to showcase the many opportunities students have to get involved and improve their experience as a CSAM student

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student reps holding STEM-Powerment flyer
from left: Mariana Luna-Martinez, Jessica Vasquez and Maria Cavero Munoz holding the flyer for the STEM-Powerment event

Every semester, the student trustees host a series of Voice Your Concerns tablings where students are invited to write down any concerns regarding the university. Topics vary from housing to concerns in their college or department. Seeing that some felt underrepresented in their major, the trustees, alongside AWIS and CSAM, formulated an event to empower women in STEM – STEM-POWERMENT!

The event sought to provide a safe space for STEM students, and women, to come and voice their concerns, opinions and ask any questions. Students got to experience the diverse opportunities we have on campus through an organization fair in addition to a panel discussion on various experiences, from being women in STEM to how to get involved in internships and research. Five upperclassman student panelists from a range of majors participated alongside CSAM Dean Lora Billings.

It was an opportunity for students to join organizations, network and learn how to be active on campus while building their resume as undergraduate students. This event showed how we collaborate across the STEM concentrations and allowed the Board of Trustees to bring representation to all STEM related organizations MSU has to offer its students.

We hoped to give CSAM students a little insight into different ways they can get involved and feel they are being heard and represented. We are so happy with the outcome and are grateful for the turnout we had, we hope this can become a semesterly or annual event to promote women’s STEM-powerment!

Maria Cavero Munoz: Board of Trustees Representative

Our initiative was to make students feel represented and remind them that there is a village here to support them! It truly felt like a family reunion and a celebration of everyone’s passion – STEM. As a student of CSAM myself, I want students to know that the opportunities here are limitless and that no matter what their passions may be, there is always one to pursue here at Montclair State University. Here is to a future of STEM-POWERMENT events!

Mariana Luna-Martinez: Board of Trustees Representative

The goal of the STEM-Powerment event was to empower and represent women, especially during Women’s History month. As a STEM student I know how imperative it is to be involved and truly voice my passions through my organizations as an Executive Board member. Therefore on behalf of AWIS, the Board of Trustees and our CSAM Ambassadors this event was such a success because of all the students who came and the 12 organizations who participated. We hope to see it happen every year to showcase how connected our STEM community truly is!

Jessica Vasquez: President of the Association for Women in Science