taking samples in biochemistry lab

Advising Guidelines for Chemistry

Take CHEM and MATH Readiness tests:

Incoming Freshmen – Major Courses

  • MATH 100 or
    MATH 111 Applied Pre-Calculus, or
    MATH 122 Calculus I
    depending on placement
  • CHEM 106 or CHEM 120 (depending on placement and MATH co- or pre-requisite)
  • CHEM 190 Freshmen Seminar in Chemistry

Starting in the spring 2018 semester, there is an additional pre-requisite for CHEM 106. In addition to scoring less than 15 on the Chemistry Readiness Test, students must also have a C- or better in MATH 100.

To schedule the Chemistry Readiness Test, a student can contact the people below or visit the testing center in Webster Hall.

Guidelines for all majors needing Chemistry

in addition to the sequencing guidelines above

  • Students should complete their 100 and 200 level chemistry courses in their first two years.
  • Upperclassmen struggle much more with the 100 and 200 level chemistry material than freshmen and sophomores.
  • Juniors and seniors taking 100 and 200 level chemistry courses should be an exception.
  • Too many students wait until senior year to take chemistry courses to complete their major or to prepare for their application to professional schools. Students should be aware of these requirements early in their academic careers so that they can complete these courses well before graduation.
  • Too many students think that a 100 level chemistry course is easier when they are a senior…nothing could be further from the truth!

Currently matriculated Montclair State students who wish to declare chemistry or biochemistry majors will be evaluated by the department upon submission of Declaration of Major form. The department will evaluate students on the basis of their chemistry or biochemistry GPA, their current status (freshmen, sophomore, junior or senior) and their expected time to graduation. A student may be encouraged to take additional chemistry or biochemistry courses before a final decision will be made.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Website
Contact: ChemAdvising@montclair.edu