Gateway Course Redesign: Statistics

About the Project

This year, the OFE is leading a gateway course redesign program for Introductory Statistics courses at Montclair. This project is part of a multi-institutional grant funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The grant’s core objective is to improve student success rate in gateway courses, which commonly pose an obstacle for students on their path to a credential.

The Introductory Statistics course redesign project is supported by courseware designed by the grant courseware development partner Lumen Learning. Lumen One: Introductory Statistics is an adaptive learning courseware built with a focus on equity. The large goal behind the courseware is to improve equitable learning outcomes and shrink success gaps that exist for African American and Hispanic student populations.

Project Objectives at Montclair

  • create paths to success in gateway courses for students at different levels of readiness.
  • promote consistency assurance across sections in multi-section courses.
  • streamline course design and new instructor onboarding.
  • facilitate evidence-based practices, active learning, and robust feedback loops in the classroom.
  • provide students with access to affordable, state-of-the-art adaptive courseware.

Project Stages

  1. Summer 2023: Master Syllabus development for Introductory Statistics Courses. We worked with faculty teams to develop master syllabi, course guides, and course shells that could be shared by multiple sections of each participating course.
  2. Fall 2023: Course Pilot. Redesigned courses are being piloted by Montclair faculty in over 10 sections of Introductory Statistics courses.

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