Generative AI at Montclair: Faculty Showcase Program

Panel 1: Generative AI Use Cases

(10-10:50,  UH 1120)

“Augmenting Student Writing through Instructional AI” – Ethné Swartz, Adrienne Wallace and Fabian Jimenez (Management)

“From Amusement Parks to Speed Dating: Using ChatGPT to Build Nontraditional Assessments” – Edward Sagendorf (History)

“Is GAI the Tool That Will (Finally) Allow for the Application of Individualized Instruction for All Students?” Jen Whiting (Writing Studies) 

Panel 2: Lightning Talks

(11:00-11:30, UH 1120) 

“Enhancing Qualitative Research: Exploring the Impact of Generative AI Feedback in a Sociology Capstone Course”Natascia Boeri (Social & Behavioral Sciences, Bloomfield College of Montclair State University)

“Chatting in Math Class: Teaming up with AI” – Grace Cook (Mathematics, Bloomfield College of Montclair State University)

“Generating Fun Assignments with ChatGPT” Tina Huesing (Management)

Panel 3: Challenging Generative AI: Honesty, Policy, and the Future of Education

(11:45-12:45, UH 1120)

“Does Cheating Measure Understanding? (Or: Can GenAI Understand it for Me?)” Kirk McDermid (Philosophy)

“I have read and agree to the T&C? Unpacking Generative AI Terms & Conditions with students”  – Lynette Surie (Writing Studies)

“Paradoxes of Education in the Context of AI” – Pavlo Lushyn (Educational Foundations) 

Lunch and Information Desks

(12:45-2, ADP Center Commons)

Enjoy lunch and visit our information desks, staffed by the event organizers from the ADP Center, ITDS, and OFE:

Hands-on, Experimenting – Joseph Bavazzano (ADP Center)

Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty – Courtney Crimmins (OFE)

Prompt Engineering – Joseph Yankus and Gina Policastro (ITDS)

GenAI Syllabus Policy Creation – Vera Senina (OFE)