HawkASYNC Online

Brief Description: Fully online asynchronously.

Note: Instructors may offer optional synchronous sessions for review, Q&A, or group study, as a strategy to enable struggling or confused students to receive supplemental instruction and support.

Faculty Role & Experiences:

  • Deliver course material asynchronously.
  • No required synchronous sessions.
  • No classroom scheduled. 

Student Role & Experience

  • Complete asynchronous activities as scheduled.
  • No specific meeting times.
  • Need access to internet and computer to complete class assignments and activities. 

Planning and Set-Up Considerations: 

  • How will you deliver course content in a way that is engaging?
  • How will you ensure that students read/view the course content material that you have required?
  • How will you space assignments and course activities?
  • How will you ascertain and respond if individuals are lost, disengaged, under-motivated, or in danger of dropping or failing the course?
  • How will you assess student learning?

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