Information for Faculty about Students

Data about Students

The Office of Institutional Research website provides a great deal of information about MSU students: who they are, where they’re from, what they think about MSU, and how well they fare in terms of retention and graduation. It is fairly exhaustive, and a useful site for the curious. A few highlights to review are below.

Student Demographics

Under IR’s Quick Facts you can find the Headcount Enrollment report, which provides demographic data down to college/school as well as department, in addition to the university data provided in the charts below. It also shows 10 years of enrollment trends, numbers of degrees awarded by program in the previous year, and admissions’ acceptance rates.

These pie charts represent demographic information about students as of Fall 2020.

For college and school-specific information on student demographics in relation to faculty demographics, see MSU Faculty Characteristics.

Undergraduate Retention & Graduation Statistics

With increasing public discussion of college success, some candidates will be interested in these statistics. Briefly, for undergraduates, MSU’s six-year graduation rate is currently 67.0% (2013 incoming class). Female students graduate at somewhat higher rates than male students, and there are, in comparison to our peers, relatively few differences in graduation rates by students belonging to different racial or ethnic groups, or by Pell grant recipient status, whose 6 six-year graduation rate was 68.1% for the 2013 incoming class. As a point of pride, students in the EOF (Economic Opportunity Fund) program exceed our regular population in their most recent six-year graduation rate of 73.8%.

For those with interest in these statistics, more information is available at IR’s Retention and Graduation Reports.

Montclair State Freshmen: HS Experiences, Expectations, Aspirations

The Freshmen Survey, conducted by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA, is administered every three years. The survey includes questions about students’ college application experiences, reasons for attending college, how students are paying for college, high school academic experiences, self-efficacy, career plans, and expectations about college. Last survey fall 2016. Some highlights:

  • Nearly 90% identified MSU as their first or second choice school
  • Just 20% of students reported that MSU was over 50 miles away from home
  • The most popular identified intended career was as an artist (15.1%), followed by business (14.0%), and education (12.5%)