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ENGL 300: Critical Approaches to English

Professor Jeffrey Gonzalez


Course Calendar (subject to change)

You should complete all assigned readings before class.


Class Authors Assignment
F Sept 3
Photo of Judith Butler
Photo of Jonathan Culler

Judith Butler                                   Jonathan Culler

(Butler: public domain via Wikimedia
Commons; Culler: Cornell)

Course introduction. Discuss Butler & Culler quotes (handed out in class).

If possible, complete bio assignment. Start reading The Awakening.

Unit 1 Gender, Sexuality, & Identity Categories
T Sept 7

Kate Chopin

(public domain via Wikimedia

Read The Awakening 1-50.

Read “Etiquette/Advice Book Sampler” Norton 143-147.

F Sept 10 Read The Awakening to page 101

Read 1st half of Judith Butler essay (Unit 1 folder).

T Sept 14 Finish The Awakening.

Read 2nd half of Butler essay.

F Sept 17 Read critical essays in The Awakening: 222-225; 236-237; 246-253.
T Sept 21 Read critical essays in The Awakening: 269-276; 301-309; 328-339.
F Sept 24 Paper 1 first draft
T Sept 30 Paper 1 final copy

Read Gloria Anzaluda, “El Otro Mexico”

Unit 2 Border Thinking: Language, Gender, Culture
F Oct 1

Santiago Vaquera-Vásquez


Read Santiago Vaquera-Vázquez, “Notes of an Unrepentant Border Crosser”
T Oct 5

Sandra Cisneros

(public domain via Wikimedia

Read Cisneros, Woman Hollering Creek pages 3-20, 27-35, 43-56
F Oct 8

Gloria Anzaldua

(public domain via Wikimedia

Read Gloria Anzaldua, from Borderlands/La Frontera
T Oct 12 Read Cisneros, 63-84, 116-29, 136-end
F Oct 15

Alexandra Fitts

(Univ. of Alaska Fairbanks)

Read Alexandra Fitts, “Sandra Cisneros’s Modern Malinche: A Reconsideration of Feminine Archetypes in Woman Hollering Creek
T Oct 19

Harryette Mullen

(public domain via Wikimedia

Read Harryette Mullen, “‘Silence Between Us Like A Language’: The Untranslatability of Experience

in Woman Hollering Creek”

F Oct 22

Kathi Weeks

(Center for Humanities)

Position Paper 2 rough draft due

Read excerpt from Kathi Weeks, The Problem with Work.

T Oct 26 Paper 2 final copy due
Unit 3 Norms, Bodies, Work
F Oct 29

Herman Melville

(public domain via Wikimedia

Read Melville  – “Bartleby, the Scrivener: A Story of Wall-Street”
T Nov 2

Michel Foucault


Read Foucault  – “The Means of Correct Training” (p. 170-177)
F Nov 5 Read Foucault  – “The Means of Correct Training” (p. 177-184)
T Nov 9

Lennard Davis


Read Davis – “Constructing Normalcy”
F Nov 12

Rosemarie Garland-Thomson


Excerpts from Garland-Thompson & Reed (pages to be announced).
T Nov 16 Paper 3 drafts.

Read background materials for M. Butterfly.

Unit 4 Intersections: Selves, Others, Representation
F Nov 19

David Henry Hwang

(public domain via Wikimedia

Paper 3 final copies.

M. Butterfly Act I

T Nov 23

Edward Said

(public domain via Wikimedia

Edward Said, “Introduction” from Orientalism
T Nov 30 M. Butterfly, Act II & III
F Dec 3 Dorinne Kondo


Dorinne Kondo, “M. Butterfly: Orientalism, Gender, and a Critique of Essentialist Identity”
T Dec 7

David Eng


David Eng, “In the Shadows of a Diva: Committing Homosexuality in David Henry Hwang’s M. Butterfly”
F Dec 10 Paper 4 Draft
T Dec 14 Paper 4 Final Copy

Final exam prep

F Dec 17 Final Exam

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