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Tuition Payment Plan

Montclair State University offers a payment plan which is processed through TouchNet, which students can access through NEST.

All students are responsible for ensuring their contracts are correct and payments are up to date. Students can enroll for one (1) semester at a time and may have one (1) active plan per semester. This plan is interest free and available for a modest fee. This is NOT a loan.

All past due balances must be paid prior to enrolling in the payment plan.

Payment Plans

Fall 2018

The first payment (down payment) and a $30.00 enrollment fee are due upon sign up for all payment plans.

Payment Plan* Minimum Balance Required Enrollment Period & Down Payment Installment Due Installment Due Installment Due Installment Due Installment Due
5 payments $800.00 June 20 – July 19 June 20 July 20 August 20 September 20 October 20
4 payments $800.00 July 20 – August 19 July 20 August 20 September 20 October 20
3 payments $800.00 August 20 – September 19 September 20 October 20

Enroll in a Payment Plan

  • Log into NEST, Select the Student Accounts tab (upper right hand corner) and Select “Payment Plans”.
  • Follow the instructions to enroll in the payment plan through TouchNet.
  • For questions about the payment plan, you may contact Red Hawk Central at 973-655-7600 or

Payment Plan Details

Payment Methods

  • Online Payments – Once a payment plan is established, you must make payment online directly through TouchNet. Do not make payments directly to Montclair State through mail or in person.
    • Payment can be made online by electronic check or credit card. When paying by credit card, a non-refundable convenience fee of 2.85% is added each time to the amount charged by our credit card servicer.
  • Scheduled Payments – The scheduled payments option is no longer available. Emails are sent to all payment plan participants to remind them of upcoming payments. Participants are responsible for login into the system and initiating each payment on the 20th of each month.
  • Late Payment – If a payment is not made by the due dates outlined in the contract, a late fee of $25.00 will be assessed after seven (7) days. Your payment plan will be terminated after one (1) month of a missed installment payment. At that time, you will be then responsible for paying Montclair State in full.
  • Returned Payments – All returned/rejected check (e-check) payments for any reason such as but not limited to (incorrect information, invalid account number, banks inability to locate account due to invalid routing/account number, non-sufficient funds, stop payments, closed accounts etc.) will be assessed a $60.00 return check fee.  Your initial payment is reversed and holds are placed on the student account.
  • Billing Adjustments – If at any time you have new charges posted to your account, such as fines, tuition, room and board, etc., your payment plan contract and installments will be recalculated within 24-48 hours through add/drop.  When add drop is over the recalculation of the payment plan will stop.   It is your responsibility to monitor your NEST account.
  • Holds – If your payments are passed due, a registration and transcript hold will be placed onto your account which may prevent registration and/or release of your transcript.
  • FERPA Policy – Due to privacy reasons, we cannot disclose any information to anyone other than the student.  If the student would like our offices to disclose information to another party, he/she will need to come to our office and complete a FERPA form. More information about FERPA.