Change of Grade Request

The purpose of this job aid is to guide on how to approve a grade change request utilizing the Banner Self-Service.

One: Access and log into your NEST account.
Two: Under the Faculty Resources portlet, click on Self-Service Banner to access the grade change request online form.
Three: Click on the Faculty/Advisor Services option.
Four: Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the “Change of Grade Form” option from the menu then click on it.
Five: Select the term for the course you wish to submit the “Change of Grade Form” request then click SUBMIT.

Please note the online grade change request form only goes back to the Fall 2016 term. Any grade change request for any prior term to FALL 2016 will have to be completed by paper-form.

Six: Select the course for which you will be submitting the grade change request. Please note if you are teaching more than one course for the term, all CRNs/Courses will be shown here. Select the COURSE for the Grade Change Request and then click on SUBMIT.
Seven: The Course Information will display with the roster of students for this course. Find the Student for which you are submitting the Grade Change request and click on “Select for Grade Change”.

Please note both ID and Current Grade will be displayed there so you will be able to see the current grade the student has rolled to history

Eight: You will see the course information, student information such as: Student ID, Name, Current Grade.

Please select the “New Grade” and the “Reason for Grade Change” from the drop menu. Please note these (2) items are required in order to submit a grade change.

Then click on “Submit New Grade”.

Nine: Confirmation the Grade Change Request was submitted should be displayed.

Disclaimer: Please note this is the “initial” grade change request process. This request does NOT guarantee the grade change will be approved by all the stakeholders (Department chair, Dean, and/or Provost for requests older than one academic year).