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Waitlist for SFAREGS

A waitlist policy has been approved for undergraduate students and will be going into effect for registration that begins April 26, 2021.

What You Need to Know about Using SFAREGS for Registration (How this impacts Waitlist, pre reqs)

As an advisor who is registering their advisees, you will see if they have selected through NEST a course for wait listing.

As indicated in the waitlist policy, if the student takes themselves off the waitlist, or misses their 48 hour window, this class will disappear.

If they successfully register themselves within the time allotted, it will appear like the other courses on their list with a “RW” code for “Registered on Web.”

SFAREGS – When a Seat Becomes Available and Another Student Tries To Register:

Pitfalls and Problems with SFAREGS

  • Although as an advisor you could waitlist a new freshman student through SFAREGS, we request that you do not, since that will generate an email to them asking them to add themselves to the section if a seat becomes available. For any other student whom you could waitlist, the student will get the email if the seat is available but may have problems if you have overridden any other requirements. Because of these possible pitfalls we request that you defer advisees other than new freshmen to adding themselves through SSB NEST.
  • Occasionally you will use the override column because you have students from one cohort to put into another cohort freshman classes. However, when you override the students’ pre-reqs using SFAREGS for registration, we are not able to do an adequate pre req check prior to the subsequent semester. In that instance, a permit should be input into SFASRPO so that we can track that when we do the semester end pre req checking.