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Waitlist for SFASRPO

A waitlist policy has been approved for undergraduate students and will be going into effect for registration that begins April 26, 2021.

What You Need to Know about Using SFASRPO for Registration (How this impacts Waitlist, pre reqs.)

As an advisor who is registering their advisees, you will see if at student selected through NEST a course for wait listing.

As indicated in the waitlist policy, if the student takes themselves off the waitlist, or misses their 48 hour window, this class will disappear.

If the student successfully registers themselves within the time allotted, it will appear like the other courses on his list with a “RW” code for “Registered on Web.

Pitfalls and Problems with SFASRPO

  • The following are the appropriate uses and definitions for use of this form:
    • AUTHORIZE: Authorize overrides any pre-reqs, major codes, level or departmental permission barriers
    • CAPACITY: Overloads a class that is closed (Using this will mean the student “jumps” a waitlist)
    • SAMECRS: Only to be used if a student is taking the same course in the semester. EX: TVDM 255 can be taken three times in a semester. This permit allows the student to register as needed.
  • If you use a permit for a student in a course that has a waitlist, you are “jumping over” the waitlist, which is not fair to students who have placed themselves on the waitlist. There is a group of Department chairs and Associate Deans who will have the ability to decide to make switches with placement on the waitlists.
  • To see which sections HAVE a waitlist (in order to avoid adding permits) you can follow the instructions above in the class schedule, or review the daily tallies, daily schedule or the Class schedule available in COGNOS university reports.