Parking Services

Do I Need a Permit?

Yes. Everyone who parks on campus needs to register their vehicle and obtain a parking permit. The only exceptions are for those who will park only in metered spaces in Lot 19, pay the hourly rate in the Red Hawk Garage, or pay the daily rate in the NJ Transit Garage.

You can register your vehicle and get your permit online.

All permits are virtual, meaning they are linked to your license plate number (no more hangtags or decals!). So, make sure your vehicle information is accurate.

Permit TypePrice
Commuter Surface Lot $260
Student Red Hawk Garage $425
NJ Transit Garage $300
Faculty/Staff Red Hawk Garage See Rates

 See more permit options in the Regulations.

Where Can I Park?

Each permit type is associated with a color on our Parking Map.

Lot Color on MapPermit Types Allowed

Commuter Students
Full-Time, Part-Time, and Adjunct Faculty/Staff

Bright Green Resident Students
Orange Full-Time and Adjunct Faculty/Staff
Light Blue Handicap Accessible
Dark Blue Visitor Parking

There are a few exceptions based on permit type and peak vs. off-peak hours. Make sure to check the Regulations so you know where you can park and when.

Visitors and guests of the University may review their parking options in the Regulations.

What Are the Rules?

We strongly recommend that you read our Regulations.

I Got a Ticket. What now?

Tickets (aka citations) should be paid or appealed online.

Appeals must be made within twenty-one (21) days of the date the ticket is issued.

Get more details in the Regulations.

How Can I Update My Information?

Login to Review Your Account or update vehicle information.

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