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Business Italian Style 2: Food Innovation, Sustainability and Made in Italy

Project Presented at the Festa della Repubblica at the Italian Trade Commission on June 2

Michael Robbins' Publishes New Poem

English Professor's Poem in the Arts and Entertainment section of The Nation

Scholarship Winner for 2017-18 Internship at the Italian Trade Agency and Choose New Jersey

Check Out Our Recent Spanish and Italian Graduates

Read all about our recent graduates and their future endeavors

New PhD Program in Clinical Psychology

NSF Grant for Laura Lakusta

New Partnership with the Translation Program of the University of Macerata, Italy

¡Hablemos español!: Future Spanish Teachers visit Bradford Elementary

New Internship at the Italian Trade Agency in New York (SU17) and Choose New Jersey in Princeton (W2018)

Photo: Gina Eide

Chris Snyder Receives Extra Mile Award from Paterson Alliance