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March 22: Marco Polo and the Global Middle Ages

In-class talks by Daniele Balicco (3/23)

"Experimenting with the Future: A Bio-sustainable Journey Through Italy"

Italian Open Day Spring (4/5)

Presentations, Award Ceremony and Live Music

April 4 and 6: English as a Second Language Registration

Month of Technology in Archaeology

Scholarship Winner for 2017 Summer Internship in Macerata, Italy

Surtitling for Opera at the Sferisterio Arena

French Film Series Spring 2017

Critical Made in Italy Part 2: Food - Sustainability and Biotechnologies (3/21)

Special guest: Andrea Illy, Chairman of illycaffé

Grover Furr Publishes New Book

Yezhov Vs. Stalin

English Professor Jeffrey Gonzalez Profiled in The Montclarion

Humble Professor Stirs Students' Interests in American Literature