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Fall 2014 Events: Overview

2014 Spanish and Italian Department Newsletter

The Humanities in the Startup Economy

...with a possible anthem for CHSS (see video below)

Inserra Assistant Awarded Spring 2014 Columbian Foundation Scholarship

Nov. 18, 2013: "The Italian American Table: A Lecture on Food History by Dr. Simone Cinotto"

Sept. 26, 2013: "The Humanistic Legacy in Renzo Piano's Architecture: A Panel"

Dr. Reynol Junco to visit Montclair State: "Srsly, we're going to use it for class?"

Special Guest Speaker to visit Montclair State to discuss the use of social media in the classroom; addressing the faculty and student perspective. Featuring Dr. Reynol Junco, Purdue University.

April 11 2013: Italian Fashion and Film lecture by Eugenia Paulicelli

Nov 8 2012: Italian Americans in Independent Film (Nancy Savoca and the Bongiornos)

Sept 27 2012: The Migrant Transatlantic Voyage in Italian Early Silent Films