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Support CHSS with “48 For Montclair State” Campaign

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On April 25 – 26, the Montclair State community will come together to support Montclair State students. Donors helped raise more than $100,000 for last year’s Giving Day. We need you to help us raise even more this year! Every gift, from every donor, counts!

Thanks to support and generosity of our donors, Montclair State University continues to deliver rigorous programs and life-changing opportunities. This year, we would like you to help us support the exciting new programs we have launched at the College of Humanities and Social Sciences:

  • Language Business and Culture:  a new Bachelor of Arts in Language Business and Culture, in partnership with the Feliciano School of Business – students can invest in personal global marketability by selecting this unified program of business fundamentals and a language concentration with a choice of Arabic, French, German, Italian or Spanish.  Fundamental to the major are experiential learning components, requiring international experience and the capstone course – which offer undergraduate students unique opportunities to interact with organizations, businesses and governments and then to reflect critically upon these experiences.
  • Medical Humanities: a new Bachelor of Arts in Medical Humanities – it is one of a very few degree programs of its kind in the nation and the first interdisciplinary bachelor’s degree in our College. In September, approximately 80 students will be majoring in Medical Humanities.
  • Public and Professional Writing: a new Bachelor of Arts in Public and Professional Writing – students learn about the various forms of writing that they are likely to encounter in their careers while learning how to adapt their writing for different audiences and purposes.  With experience in professional writing, students will position themselves as people who understand the complexities of writing in the 21st century. This minor provides excellent preparation for careers in many fields, including business, government, education and nonprofit work.
  • Computational Linguistics:  a new Master of Science in Computational Linguistics, in collaboration with the College of Science and Mathematics – is the only program of its kind in New Jersey and provides students with the skill set to excel in an interdisciplinary field concerned with the statistical and rule-based modeling of natural language from a computational perspective as well as the study of computational approaches to linguistic questions.
  • Social Research and Analysis:  a new Master of Arts in Social Research and Analysis – a dynamic program that trains students to use qualitative and quantitative data to develop evidence-based solutions to real world problems that companies and organizations face every day. Students will gain valuable skills in primary and secondary data analysis, such as engaging in survey research, interviews and focus groups, data and text mining, and analyzing data.

Learn how you can support Montclair State’s hardworking and deserving students today!