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Graphic Novel by Barbara Slate Tackles the Mueller Report

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book cover of Mueller Report Graphic Novel by Barbara Slate

Barbara Slate, an English Department adjunct professor of Creative Writing, tried to read the Mueller Report the day the redacted version was released, and found it daunting. Realizing that most people would glaze over trying to get through it, Slate used her four decades of comic and graphic novel experience to make the report an easy to follow, compelling, entertaining story.

Slate posted the first page on Facebook and Twitter April 21, three days after the redacted report was released. The response was so fast, large, and enthusiastic, she created and posted a page a day until the first draft of Volume 1 was finished, and continued at that pace with Volume 2.

As in the Mueller Report, Volume 1 is on Russian Interference in the 2016 election. Volume 2, which will launch at the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair on September 7, is on obstruction of justice.

For more information on Slate’s graphic novel or the book launch event on September 7, please visit https://muellerreportgraphicnovel.com.

You can read more about Slate and her work on the Mueller Report Graphic Novel in a recent Forbes interview.