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Dr. Fiore Presents at Power Plant Gallery on Racial Injustice and Italian Colonialism in East Africa

Fiore’s presentation, on June 27, is part of the series “Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories”

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In recent weeks, protests have shifted global attention toward the racial injustice that continues to exist, also as a legacy of colonial projects. The Power Plant Gallery of Toronto and the Italian Cultural Institute of Toronto present “Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories,” a series of conversations aimed at discussing how the past has led us to this moment through a critical analysis of the Italian colonization of Eritrea and Ethiopia, and its reading in Dawit L. Petros’ exhibit Spazio Disponibile.

Montclair State University professor, Dr. Teresa Fiore (Inserra Chair in Italian and Italian American Studies), was invited to present on her work about the relationships between colonialism and migrations, which will be later adapted to an essay for a catalogue.

June 27, 2020
“Transnational Pre[-]Occupations in Dawit L. Petros’ Project about Colonial and Migratory Spaces (Eritrea-Italy-Canada)”
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The series “Italy and East Africa: Unexplored Histories” at large reflects on the incursions of Fascism, the damaging processes of “modernization,” past and current migration policies and uses of migrant labour, the reconfiguration of geographic boundaries and exploitation of lands, among others. The series includes four online conversations with curators, authors, artists and scholars affiliated among other with MOM and Columbia University running from June 20 through July 18 (see full program).

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Pre-Occupied Spaces (book by Dr. Fiore)