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Employee Recognition Awards

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences launched a monthly employee recognition program to to acknowledge members of our community who go above and beyond to support individuals, departments, programs, and the college overall. The individuals below were recognized in November and December for their commitment to collegiality and their contributions to creating a community of care beyond their general scope of work. Congratulations!

November Awardees

photo of Tina Bollettieri

Tina Bollettieri, Dean’s Office

“Tina’s position…makes her the point of contact for many stakeholders…with long reaching impact into the community. The students who end up in my classes always make a note about how helpful, clear, and precise Tina’s advice has been. Beyond her professional qualifications and strengths, she is a thoughtful colleague, asking and keeping up with our families and health and daily life. This warmth is something that lies at the core of MSU’s mission as a people-first university, and I’m grateful to work with someone like her.”

photo of Brenda Sheehan

Brenda Sheehan, Justice Studies

“Brenda is one of the most engaged, professional, and friendly members of the CHSS community. She tirelessly works for students, faculty, and staff to provide guidance and support, and she does so with a smile. Even to those who have treated her poorly, she never fails to act with the highest standard of professionalism and decorum. Brenda is a model member of the CHSS community, MSU community, and field of higher education.

photo of Laura Nicosia

Laura Nicosia, English

“Laura goes way above and beyond in supporting new faculty. She is the only program resource mentor across campus who voluntarily attends the weekly New Faculty Program. She goes out of her way to say hello when we cross paths on campus, and she is exceptionally empathetic and supportive when new faculty face challenges. She has offered walks, coffee chats, etc. that go well beyond her formal role. Very grateful to have her as a mentor!”

December Awardees

photo of Bekki Davis

Bekki Davis, Student Success Center

“Bekki is a powerful advocate for both students and staff, and continues to give back to the community in any way she can. She is always challenging the community to improve for our students. When faced with a problem, she approaches it with innovation and her out-of-the-box thinking. All in all, Bekki brings a shining light to the team, her students, and all who are lucky enough to work with her.”

photo of Anne Edstrom

Anne Edstrom, Spanish & Latino Studies

“Anne is very loved by her students because she is a passionate, kind, fair and well prepared professor. She is not only a great teacher but an amazing colleague. She would do anything to help colleagues, improve our program, she works non-stop at the point to get sick, she gives it all for her job, students and colleagues!”

photo of Anita Veal

Anita Veal, Administrative Services

“Anita is thoughtful, kind, truthful, respectful, insightful and always willing to pitch in and help. She always changes the atmosphere for the better.”

Honorable Mentions

Jean Alvares, Classics and General Humanities
Delina Andrews, Psychology
Nicole Fackina, Justice Studies
Maria Jose Garcia-Vizcaino, Spanish & Latino Studies
Jonathan Greenberg, English
Julia Loken, CHSS Student Success Center
Donna Meeker-O’Rourke, Social Work & Child Advocacy
Jessica Restaino, Writing Studies
Christopher Salvatore, Justice Studies
Art Simon, English
Monica Taylor, Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
Mélissa Vélez, Psychology
Deborah Verderosa, Communication Sciences and Disorders
Jen Wilenta, Psychology