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Opinion: N.J. taxpayers spend $1.2B each year on the Drug War and thousands still die

Professor Jason Williams for NJ.com

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Jason Williams, Associate Professor of Justice Studies, wrote an opinion piece for NJ.com on the negative impact criminalization of drug addiction has on our state and in particular, communities of color. Williams advocates for allocation of funds from arrests and prosecution to efforts aimed at recovery and harm reduction.

“Punitive approaches to mental health crises and substance use only perpetuate the criminalization of Black bodies, drive up our prison populations, and do nothing to save lives,” Williams said.

He also voices his support for the passing of the Mainstreaming Addiction Treatment Act (MAT Act), which would allow physicians to prescribe medication to reduce withdrawal symptoms.

“Our communities can no longer stand idly by as lawmakers continue to ignore communities of color bearing the brunt of the overdose crisis.”

Read the full story here.


By Donaelle Benoit