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CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups

Rationale: CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups are designed to promote a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration. The Dean’s Office will support faculty teams that encourage the advancement of interdisciplinary methodologies, pedagogies, research, and collaboration.

Criteria and Selection Process: CHSS faculty can apply for funding. Teams should consist of at least three people from at least three different departments. Group proposals that are more diverse in membership will be more highly valued. Fields of study could include any theme that transcends departmental/disciplinary lines. Applications should provide a detailed proposal (no more than 2 pages) highlighting the area(s) of interest and the means of examination or exploration. Proposals should include a detailed budget of expected expenses and identify the central guiding question or topic, the scope of the proposed collaboration, and the expected final outcome. Each group should identify one point person who will act as the liaison with the Dean’s Office and will be responsible for all communications regarding the outcomes and expenses.

Topic questions for the interdisciplinary study should be well-defined. For example, it should not just be stated that we want to study the Middle Ages, but rather define the time period, the nations involved and the areas of focus that will be considered by the group.

The expected outcome of the collaboration should contribute to strengthening the research, teaching or service missions of the College and can include research oriented projects, fostering research networks in and outside of the university, professional training, workshops, lecture series, a reading group, or pedagogical technologies. A final report on the outcome of the collaboration should be presented to the Dean’s Office by June 30.

What can be funded: Food for events (taking into account catering costs and per diems), books and other reading materials,  honorarium for guest speakers, venue costs, etc.  Groups can request up to $2,000 per fiscal/academic year and no funding rolls over beyond June 1.

Applications are due by September 29th.

CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups Application

For questions about CHSS Interdisciplinary Groups please contact Holly Harry.

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