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NJ DEP delegation visits CSAM for a day of discussion seeking areas of possible collaboration

Posted in: Community Engagement

NJ DEP Commissioner Bob Martin makes his introductory remarks

Montclair State University’s College of Science and Mathematics (CSAM) recently hosted a major meeting with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJ DEP) Commissioner Bob Martin, all of the NJ DEP assistant commissioners and the DEP’s executive team. The goal was to find areas for deeper collaboration and to better inform the DEP of CSAM’s collective and individual expertise.

Held at the Center for Environmental and Life Sciences on November 13, 2015, the event was the first of its kind and included remarks by Commissioner Martin, Montclair State University Provost Willard Gingerich and CSAM Dean Robert Prezant, followed by presentations from NJ DEP and CSAM participants.

The NJ DEP and Commissioner Martin has set collaboration with academic institutions as a priority and CSAM was honored to be at the forefront of this initiative and to host this important gathering to share ideas and plans.

All the NJ DEP deputy commissioners offered overviews of their units’ areas of emphasis, current and proposed research priorities and their needs for external expertise. Sixteen members of the College of Science and Mathematics followed the NJ DEP speakers with presentations on their research expertise and ongoing studies.

The event also featured breakout sessions, determined by the specific divisions of the DEP, which allowed for deeper conversations and exploration for common ground and interests. Follow-ups will be done on small group/individual bases and a second meeting of the entire group will be scheduled for early spring 2016.