person handling mouse in the vivarium

Vivarium Access Requirements

Access and use of Montclair State University Vivarium is limited to the university authorized personnel e.g. scientists, faculty, staff, and students listed on a current IACUC-approved animal use protocols, LAR staff and facility maintenance staff. External collaborative scientists and potential faculty candidates can be provided a short term visitor access upon request and approval. Un authorized vivarium entry is not permitted at any time, as it presents high risk on the on-going invivo research projects, jeopardizes the vivarium biosecurity and animal health, and poses a significant liability to the university as well. To obtain vivarium access, please review and complete the following access requirements,

MSU Vivarium User Access Requirements

  1. Valid MSU ID card
  2. To be listed on a current IACUC- approved animal use protocol
  3. Complete the online CITI training modules
    1. ACU- Lab/Vivarium researchers
    2. Working with (Mice, Rats or Gerbils) in research
    3. Animal Biosafety Training
  4. Complete the occupational health check and allergy screening*
  5. Complete the hands-on training modules (In-person with the Vivarium Director)
    1. Complete the vivarium user orientation/tour
    2. Hands-on training (Handling & Restraint, Gender identification, MI techniques, and euthanasia) on the species listed on the approved protocol.

* In case of the occupational health check results indicates the need to use a respirator while working with animals, please notify the vivarium director with the type and model of the respirator needed to assure its availability before your first vivarium entry

MSU Vivarium Visitor Access Requirements

  1. Requester to Complete and submit the vivarium visitor access request form, along with the laboratory animal allergy health screening questionnaire (completed by the visitor), at least 72 business hours before the date of the visit.
  2. Requester to review the LAR vivarium visitor policy before the visit to assure complete awareness, understanding, and compliance with the process and requirements.
  3. Visitors that are currently working or visiting another vivarium, must allow at least 24 hours before entering MSU vivarium.
  4. Visitors will be escorted by the requester and/or LAR personnel all the time during their visit.
  5. Visitors are not allowed to use or handle the animals in the vivarium, nor use any audio or video recording devices either.

In case of any questions or for more information, please contact the vivarium director.