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Five Year Programs

Get ahead with a five-year combined program

Combined programs allow up to 12 credits to be applied towards an undergraduate and graduate degree, all at undergraduate tuition rates! The combined degree programs are an attractive, efficient and affordable option for students seeking a competitive edge when they enter the job market or pursue an advanced degree.

Combined Program Advantages

  • Accelerated time frame
  • Lower costs
  • Rapid advancement to research opportunities
  • Emphasizes focus and work-ethic to employers
  • Strong base for doctoral studies

Cost Savings

Undergraduate Graduate Savings
$492.19 $840.93 $334.95 per credit (up to $4184.88)
Undergraduate Graduate Savings
$804.19 $840.93 $44.62 per credit (up to $440.88)

*using Academic Year 2023 rates

How It Works

Step 1

Apply to the regular BS for the program you want to pursue

Step 2
Conclusion of Junior Year

Have 90 credits completed with a 3.0 or higher GPA in your major.

Step 3
Conclusion of Senior Year

Submit your Graduate School application by the specified deadline with a cumulative 3.0 or higher GPA as well as meeting the requirements for the graduate program you’re interested in. The GRE will be waived if required for the graduate program you are applying to.

Once undergraduate requirements are completed, students will receive their bachelor’s degree and may participate in Convocation and Commencement for that degree.

The Programs

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