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Now Open!

The latest on campus dining location is located in CELS!

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Located just past the main staircase in the Center for Environmental Life Science building atrium. 

What Is A Rift Zone?

Montclair State University sits on a 200 million year old rift zone where the supercontinent Pangaea ripped apart. Rifting began with the formation of large valleys between North America, Europe and Africa as the crust spread apart and formed the Atlantic Ocean. The valleys filled with sediment which were intruded by magma from the Earth’s mantle. Our campus bedrock consists of the Passaic river formation, a distinctive reddish-brown sandstone formed in the rift valley, and the orange mountain basalt, a black volcanic rock that was once quarried from our hilltop location.

The Menu

Grab and go sandwiches, wraps, salads, soups, coffee and more!

  • Green Mountain Coffee
    • Small (12oz) $1.75
    • Medium (16oz) $1.95
    • Large (20oz) $2.09
  • Hot Tea $1.00
  • Hot Chocolate $1.75
  • Bottled Soda (20oz) $1.95
  • Bottled Water $1.85
  • Bottled Tea $1.89
  • Au Bon Pain Soups
    • Small (12oz) $2.99
  • Plain Bagel $1.39
    • with butter $1.95
    • with cream cheese $2.49
  • Muffin $1.99
  • Croissant $1.99
  • Jumbo Cookie $1.99
  • Yogurt Parfait $3.69

Stop by and pick up something to eat!

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