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Gov. Phil Murphy Helps Launch STEM Innovation Fellowship at Montclair State

First cohort of Montclair State-led initiative begins program with two-day institute

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Governor Phil Murphy speaking to the first STEMNJ Fellowship cohort

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy visited Montclair State University on August 22 to congratulate and inspire 30 elementary school teachers engaged in the New Jersey STEM Innovation Fellowship, a new program designed to improve math education for public school students across New Jersey.

“This fellowship is about creating the New Jersey where opportunities and innovation blossom for all of our residents,” Murphy told the teachers. “It’s about creating an educational culture that will continue to draw educators who want to work in an innovative and supportive atmosphere. It’s about creating a workforce that will be a draw for innovative companies. It’s about creating a state that will draw folks from around the world to live and work and where our young people will want to stay to build their careers and their families. This is what you are all a part of. We cannot build this future without you.”

“Why do I love mathematics? Because it is a language,” said Montclair State University President Susan A. Cole. “It is a way of thinking about the world. It is a way of articulating the world, and if young students can understand it as that kind of language, as a way in which they think about things differently, and are able to approach problems differently, they will love it in the same way they love the written and spoken language that they use every day. We just have to make sure that everyone has access to this language.”

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