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Biochemistry Student Receives 2021 AESF Foundation Scholarship

Kayla Mancini, a Biochemistry major, was awarded the scholarship for her research with Dr. Amrita Sarkar

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Kayla Mancini

Congratulations to Kayla Mancini on winning the Washington, DC based National Association for Surface Finishing AESF Foundation Scholarship. She was awarded the scholarship for her proposal describing a novel polymer coating approach for removing fluorinated alkyl pollutants from industrial zone leachate/water. This scholarship will allow Kayla to work on a lactide based porous polymer coating project under supervision of Professor Amrita Sarkar, Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry during the Fall 2021 term. This work will lead to the development of high performance polymer coating material that can be employed in a myriad of applications both in frontier research and industrial development.

This scholarship provides a fantastic opportunity for Kayla to expand her undergraduate research effort in fabricating new surface material for future industry development.