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Science, art and philanthropy on display in Richardson Hall teach lessons of collaboration and generosity

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Richardson Hall Portrait Gallery
The Richardson Hall Portrait Gallery on the recently renovated second floor

Just as there’s more than what meets the eye in the photographed objects that line the walls of Richardson Hall, the collection carries layers of significance.

In a beautiful display of collaboration, the new Richardson Hall Portrait Gallery captures the story of a group of professors’ ingenuity and a daughter’s generosity to honor her parents’ Montclair legacy.

Established in memory of Dow H. ’43 and Elizabeth Brann Rich ’43 to commemorate their years as science majors at Montclair State University, the portrait gallery is made possible with the generous support of their daughter, Rev. Barbara E. Stephens-Rich.

This place, and this institution were very dear to my parents’ hearts. This was where they met and fell in love. This is where my dad came into his own in academic success and leadership… where Montclair opened doors for him, like being the physics lab assistant… that allowed him to see himself in a new light, and find new achievement.

Rev. Barbara E. Stephens-Rich, daughter of Dow H. ’43 and Elizabeth Brann Rich ’43

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