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Physics majors visit fusion experiment at the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab

Students learned about the National Spherical Torus Experiment from state senator Andrew Zwicker

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NSTX-U Princeton visit
Visiting the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab with CSAM Dean Lora Billings (left) and physics majors Ava Mclaren, Renzo Herrera, Sarah Estupinan Jimenez, RJ Chandler, and Michael Camilo.

On April 12th, 2024 a group of 19 Montclair State physics majors (and minors) visited the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab (PPPL). Students received a tour of the facility led by Dr. Andrew Zwicker, Head of Strategic Partnerships and Public Engagement, and NJ state Senator from the 16th Legislative District. They were joined by CSAM Dean Lora Billings, and physics professors Kent Leung and Marc Favata.

The outing began with a discussion on fusion energy, followed by a tour of the National Spherical Torus Experiment-Upgrade (NSTX-U). NSTX-U will attempt to contain a plasma of hydrogen using strong magnetic fields, eventually heating the plasma to temperatures sufficient to begin fusion reactions. This is the latest in a sequence of experiments at the PPPL to explore the potential of magnetically confined plasmas as a source of fusion energy.

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